If your inquiry is related to Residential Real Estate, please note Prologis does not rent or manage residential properties. The advertisement about which you are inquiring is a scam -- do not provide any personal information and do not wire any funds. Please contact your relevant law enforcement authorities immediately to report this situation. We have also taken steps to counter the unlawful use of our corporate name.

Amsterdam (European HQ)

Prologis Management B.V.  
Gustav Mahlerplein 17-21
1082 MS Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Tel. +31 20 655 66 66


The Rise
Dr. Hub van Doorneweg 195
5026 RE Tilburg

The Netherlands


Prologis Management II S.à r.l. 
34-38 Avenue de la Liberté
Luxembourg L-1930
The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
352 26 20 5740
352 26 20 5744 (Fax)


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