Prologis Fokker Logistics Park, The Netherlands

Prologis Fokker Logistics Park

Prologis Fokker Logistics Park is located at the former factory site of the aircraft manufacturer Fokker. The land, groundwater and factory buildings were cleaned up, and the area was redeveloped into a state-of-the-art logistics park. Located adjacent to Schiphol Airport, this is the largest airport-linked, privately owned logistics business park in Europe.

Prologis Oosterhout DC1

Prologis Park Oosterhout

Prologis Park Oosterhout has direct connections to roads, rails and a waterway. The large industrial park was previously the site of a paint factory, which was rehabilitated and redeveloped into a 50,000 square meter distribution center with the possibility to add another 40,000 square meters in three separate units.

Eemhaven DC2 renovation and park development

Renovation Prologis Park Eemhaven

The demand for logistics real estate in the Benelux is high. Eemhaven, located in the Port of Rotterdam, is a key market. Over the past few years, Prologis expanded its portfolio of seven distribution centers at Eemhaven into one park by acquiring and renovating three facilities on neighboring plots.

Hamburg Hausbruch DC2

Sustainable Extension of Prologis Park Hamburg-Hausbruch

Almost 30 years ago, a facility in Hamburg-Hausbruch was built for the microchip manufacturer Philips. The Philips subsidiary NXP Semiconductors later used the buildings briefly and vacated in the summer of 2010. In 2011, Prologis, which already owned two other logistics facilities at the location, bought the former Philips’ site to develop a new speculative facility.

Prologis Park Moissy 2

Sustainable Values Applied to New Development – Moissy 2

Because we focus on sustainability, brownfield developments play a major role in the Prologis portfolio. These developments create new space with minimal impact on the environment. No new areas of soil are sealed; prior contaminants are removed; and the land is repurposed. Prologis Park Moissy 2 in France is one such development. The property was previously owned by PSA group. The car manufacturer used the facility as a storage center for spare parts, and Prologis had the opportunity to buy it.