Southern Netherlands is the heart of the Netherlands’ inland region. An important logistics center, it is considered an extended gateway to Europe. A dense network of canals, railroads and highways connects Southern Netherlands to the Port of Rotterdam on the North Sea and other important waterways.

Key submarkets for industrial property and warehouses in Southern Netherlands are Moerdijk, Tilburg, Venlo and Eindhoven. Moerdijk is located at the Hollands Diep, an estuary of the Rhine and Meuse rivers, which makes it a deep-sea harbor. Tilburg is a major hub, while Venlo scored highest in our research that examined the factors shaping Europe’s most desirable logistics locations. Eindhoven, also known as the “Brainport,” is the center of the Netherlands’ high-technology and information technology industries. The global electronics giant Philips is based in Eindhoven, as well as such multinationals as ASML, NXP Semiconductors and VDL Berkhof.

Southern Netherlands borders regions of Germany and Brussels that are highly industrialized and densely populated. Accordingly, Southern Netherlands is an important logistics node, linking the inland of Europe to the coast and markets beyond. Many global brands locate their European distribution centers in this region, serving both the surrounding areas and the entire EU.

Prologis operates industrial properties and warehouses in the Southern Netherlands.



Featured Properties

Prologis Park Tilburg DC4, The Netherlands

Tilburg DC4, phase III

Tilburg, Netherlands

Prologis Park Tilburg is located in the large-scale industrial park Vossenberg West II, comprising 13 hectares of land with the opportunity to build...

Prologis Park Venlo, The Netherlands

Venlo DC7

Venlo, Netherlands

Venlo DC7, located at Prologis Park Venlo, is a modern distribution center in Trade Port West. Venlo is an excellent base for businesses across all...

Prologis Park Tilburg DC5, The Netherlands

Tilburg DC5

Tilburg, Netherlands

In 2017, Prologis acquired 150,000 square meters of land in the Southern Netherlands at industrial park Vossenberg West II in Tilburg. Tilburg DC5 is...

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