Prologis Park Botlek is located directly next to the A15 motorway (Rotterdam-Nijmegen), one of the most important transport arteries in the Netherlands. The A15 also has excellent connections to the A16 motorway (South Netherlands) and the A4 motorway (North Netherlands). In addition, there are various terminals in the immediate vicinity with direct routes to the Maasvlakte, Moerdijk, Venlo and Born (Limburg),as well as various rail terminals at the Maasvlakte and the Waalhaven.

The Botlek is a port and industrial area in Rotterdam, located west of the Oude Maas river between the Scheurand the A15 freeway. The northwestern part of the arealies on the former island Rozenburg, the southeastern part lies on what used to be the Welplaat. The name Botlek is said to refer to a "leak" in the sea channel of the Maaswhere a lot of "flounder" was caught. About 40% of the port's quay length is centered in this area and about one third of the containers are handled here. Many renowned companies in the transport sector are located in the mmediate vicinity.

The development started in 1987 and has a total surface of approximately 104 hectares, on which approximately 300,000m² of distribution and warehouse space has been realised, making it one of the three most important distriparks within the port of Rotterdam. The area is mainly used for commercial purposes. Users in the immediate vicinity include Hooymeijer Group, De Rijke, AirProducts Nederland, DHL, Akzo Nobel, Hellmann WorldwideLogistics etc.

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Hall plan

Botlek DC2 Hallplan unmarked

Prologis Park Botlek DC2

Warehouse 4,892 m²  4,892.60 m² 4,892.40 m²
Office 344.40 m² 344.40 m² 333.20 m²




  • Clear Height: 12.2 m
  • Floor load: 40 kN/m² (50 kN/sqm for racking), point loads of 2x90 kN
  • Reinforced concrete jointless slab floor (flatness according to DIN 18202 table 3 line 4)
  • Framed steel construction on piled foundation
  • Column free warehouse (45 m span)!!
  • 1 electrically operated loading docks (3.0 x 3.0 m) per 500 m² warehouse
  • Dock doors incl. shelter, buffers and electrically operated leveler (2.0 x 2.75m, 60 kN)
  • Electrically operated drive-in door (4000 x 4200 mm) each unit
  • High performance HR-heaters, 13°C (at outside -10°C)
  • Low flow ventilation system
  • EFSR K25-ceiling-sprinkler system (according to NFPA/FM-Global)
  • LED lights incl. motion detection 200/300 lux
  • Wall insulation: ≥ Rc 4.5
  • Roof insulation: ≥ Rc 6.0
  • Window strip over the entire front façade, HR++
  • Target ‘BREEAM excellent’ certification (minimal‘BREEAM very good’)
  • Ready to use (incl. fork-lift charging, sanitary rooms,heating and adjustable lighting)
  • Roof prepared for Solar panels (15 kg/m²)


  • Floor load: 5 kN/m²
  • Heat Pump VRF-cooling system (22ºC outside 28ºC)
  • Balanced supply and exhaust air handling system, incl. energy recovery
  • The fresh air is pre-heated/pre-cooled
  • HR-boiler as back-up
  • Insulation: ≥ Rc 4.5/6.0
  • LED incl. motion detection 500 lux
  • Balanced supply and exhaust air handling system
  • The fresh air is pre-heated/pre-cooled
  • Window strip over the entire front façade, HR++
  • Ready to use (incl. carpet tiles, suspended ceiling, sanitary rooms and kitchenette)


  • 35 m deep shared truck court
  • Car parking: 245 (ca. 1 per 140 m²)
  • 2.4m high steel bar fence
  • 1 electrically operated sliding gates
  • Pipe sleeves for tenant installations (CCTV / security /access control)
  • Landscaping: ecological greenery and native plants topromote biodiversity, including bird houses and insecthotel
  • Shared Bicycle shed
  • Charging points for electric bicycles and vehicles


Prologis Park Botlek DC2

  • 0 kilometers from the Highway
  • 72 kilometers from the Amsterdam airport
  • 2 km from the barge terminal
  • 26 km from the Rotterdam sea port
  • close to the A15, A16 and A4motorways


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Direct +31 (0)20 6551945
Mobile +31 (0)6 11032407
Email: [email protected]


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