Prologis Fokker Logistics Park is a 300.000 sqm airport-linked, high secured business park with 23 state-of-the-art facilities totaling to 180.00 sqm warehouse and office space and ample parking. The park offers your company maximum flexibility in terms of space and layout, unique services with Park management and Park Security with its own security perimeter, on a prime location. Prologis Fokker Logistics Park accommodates numerous international logistics companies as well as medical and technology related companies.

Within 5 minutes to the Tarmac/Schiphol and with direct access to the N201/N232 and the A4/A9 highways, the Park is considered the best-connected location in the area. With its dedicated ‘Fokker Logistics Park’ bus stop connected to the Schiphol Circle line, public transport is affordable and well organized.

Prologis Fokker Park DC3D is a unique 10,300 sqm facility with just 6 columns! in the entire warehouse, providing your company flexibility and efficiency. Built to meet the highest design and security standards, as well as the top most sustainability criteria, this building will meet to all criteria to support your business. LED lighting, a floor load capacity of 4,000 kilograms per sqm and an open and very bright office space are some of the features of this high quality building. The building is expected to receive a ‘Breeam Excellent’ certification.


Hall Plan

Hall plan, Prologis Park Fokker, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Warehouse: 8.500 m2
Office/Mezzanine: 1.800 m2
Total: 10.300 m2




  • Clear Height: 10,6m
  • Floor load: 40kN/sqm, point loads of 2x60kN (racking)
  • Reinforced concrete jointless slab floor (flatness according to DIN 18202 table 3 line 4)
  • Framed steel construction on piled foundation
  • Column grid/spacing: 28.6 m x 18 m
  • 14 electrically operated loading docks (3,0 x 3,0m) with leveler (60KN)
  • 1 Electrically operated drive-in door (4000 x 4200 mm)
  • High performance HR- heaters, 13°C (at outside -10°C)
  • Low flow ventilation system
  • EFSR K25-ceiling-sprinkler system (according to NFPA /FM-Global)
  • LED lights incl. motion detection 200/300 lux
  • Wall insulation: Rc 4.5
  • Roof insulation: Rc 6.0
  • Roof structure prepared for solar panels
  • Expected to receive ‘Breeam Excellent’
  • Ready to use (incl. fork-lift charging, sanitary rooms, heating and adjustable lighting)


  • Floor load: 5kN/sqm
  • Heat Pump VRF-cooling system (22°C outside 28°C)
  • Balanced supply and exhaust air handling system, incl. energy recovery
  • The fresh air is pre-heated/pre-cooled
  • HR-boiler as back-up
  • Insulation: Rc 4.5/6.0
  • Lift installation
  • LED incl. motion detection 500 lux
  • Balanced supply and exhaust air handling system
  • The fresh air is pre-heated/pre-cooled
  • Window strip over the entire front façade, HR++ glazing
  • Ready to use (incl. carpet tiles, suspended ceiling, sanitary rooms and kitchenette)


  • 37m deep truck court
  • Car parking: 104 cars (more if needed)
  • Truck parking: 25 trucks
  • 2m high steel bar fence
  • 2 electrically operated sliding gates
  • pipe sleeves for tenant installations (cctv / security / access control)


Bird's-Eye View Prologis Fokker Park



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