Prologis Energy Container

An extra sustainable energy source on the construction site

Prologis is an advocate of sustainable development. We believe that one area in which big steps can be made is in renewable energy solutions.

Prologis Receives Prestigious Logistics Real Estate Brand Recognition Award

Prologis Receives Prestigious Logistics Real Estate Brand Recognition Award

The European Real Estate Brand Institute (REB-Institute) named Prologis the strongest European real estate developer brand in 2018 in the “Logistics”...

Belt and Road

Belt and Road

More than 2000 years ago, the Silk Road linked eastern China with the Mediterranean in the ancient world’s longest and most storied overland trade...

Energy storage innovation: pilot in Venlo

Energy Storage Innovation: Pilot Project in Venlo

What if a solar power system generates more energy than is needed during the day? Normally, surplus power is fed back into the network.

Prologis White Paper: Supply Chain and Logistics Real Estate

Prologis White Paper: Supply Chain and Logistics Real Estate

For supply chains and logistics real estate, the only constant is change. In this first paper of a three-part series, our Prologis research team...

Property Management

Visualizing energy consumption in real time

Prologis Benelux, in partnership with Dutch software startup hello energy, has deployed an innovative, integrated tool for visualizing and...

2017 Rent Index

The Prologis Logistics Rent Index

Global market rental rates rose by nearly 7 percent – this is a main conclusion of the Prologis Logistics Rent Index. Trends in net effective market...

Minister Van Nieuwenhuizen visits Prologis Park Nieuwegein

Dutch Minister of Infrastructure visits Prologis Park Nieuwegein

The Dutch Minister of Infrastructure, Cora van Nieuwenhuizen, paid a visit to the state-of-the-art warehouse in Nieuwegein we built recently for DHL...

Webapplicatie Property Management

New: managing your maintenance real-time

Wouldn’t it be nice to know when maintenance has been carried out or to be able to report a malfunction at the touch of a button? The new web...

Prologis Join the Pipe

Water for everyone - Join the Pipe

The standard for logistics facilities is shifting. A key consideration today is how a distribution centres workplace design will positively affect...

Transport & Logistics Award

Transport & Logistics Awards in Belgium

The Benelux team recently attended the 26th Transport & Logistics Awards in Belgium. The 2018 gathering was hosted in Mechelen and attended by 1,500...

Ruben Vogels, Property Manager

Ruben Vogels, Property Manager: Property Management is Akin to Hospitality

Property management is one of our core activities. We ensure that maintenance is done according to the highest standards, because we develop and...