Customer Centricity in the finest nuances

Roderik van Meyenfeldt

Roderik von Meyenfeldt is a specialist in the concept of  Customer Centricity. According to the Real Estate & Customer Experience, Manager at Prologis, it is part of the basic principles of his profession. "I like to compare it with the bond you build with friends.”

Customer Centricity means for Prologis putting the customers and their needs at the heart of every decision that is made. At Prologis we want to provide an incredible facility that covers all the needs a customer has or might have at some point in the future. It also means that we care deeply about sustainability and what impact our facilities have on the world.

But where to start with Customer Centricity?

"That can be in very little things,” explains Roderik von Meyenfeldt, Real Estate & Customer Experience, Manager at Prologis. “Like sending a postcard because your customer has just taken a big step or you've just read something in the news he might be interested in. You can also dive into your client's sustainability agenda, for example by placing solar panels on the roof of the building..”

What is the ‘trick’?

The ‘trick’ is to combine the needs of your client and your own wishes and plans in a natural way. “My goal is to find out what the customer's underlying needs are, a need he is not yet fully aware of sometimes."

You keep the relationships sincere by setting clear expectations with each other beforehand. “So that no unjustified expectations arise, such as services to which a customer has a contractual right,” says Von Meyenfeldt. “It is very important that you discuss everything with each other: what can you ask each other and what not? And is this mutual relationship genuine or is there a purely commercial interest at stake?"

E-commerce customers

Customer Centricity is a rather new but popular term that mainly came over from the world of e-commerce. “See how large scale e-commerce companies put their customers first. Therein it is very important to respond quickly to the customer’s needs. Right communication and expectations are central and key elements within the Customer Centricity.”

If Von Meyenfeldt has to mention one of his specialties then it will be his ability to spot pain points pretty quickly: “What is the person in front of me made of, and how do I interact with him or her? In this profession you are constantly analyzing and 'reading' people. During conversations with several parties at the same table, I am constantly weighing up all interests. As an intermediary I try to steer the conversation in such a way that everyone is able to share his or her opinion and that a conclusion comes to the table."

Ecological footprint

Making things better is one of the things that fascinates Roderik von Meyenfeldt in his work. In the broadest sense of the word: better for tomorrow's future, but at the same time more efficient and smarter. “Within Prologis we are quite far in the field of sustainability, CO2-neutral and the use of solar panels. In this way we combine the ecological footprint of our portfolio to the growing demand. Almost all our customers are concerned with sustainability which offers us more possibilities for development.”

Roderik von Meyenfeldt can find his pride and joy in the smallest nuances of his job. “Like a relationship with a customer that is very good, an engaged call or a short conversation via WhatsApp in which you really have a moment of connection. It is about mutual trust. I think I have a great relationship with a large part of my clients and I cherish that very much.”