These four examples demonstrate our emergency procedures:

Faulty loading dock

A faulty motor at a loading dock prevented the gate from opening automatically. Our facility management service provider scheduled repairs and ensured that the gate could still be opened manually in the meantime.

Storm damage to a roof

A storm caused damage to a roof, and water leaked into the logistics facility. Our facility management service provider’s emergency team took immediate action, temporarily sealing the roof until it could be fixed permanently.

Sprinkler system failure

If a sprinkler system fails, our facility management service provider sets up a fireguard to monitor the area until the damage is fixed.

Water damage

"As the one in charge of property management,
it’s our job to respond to issues like this quickly to
allow our customers to continue operations and
prevent damage to the property and goods inside
the building," said Ruben Vogels, Property Manager
Benelux at Prologis.


Water damage emergency