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Benelux: A Region with Key Logistics Hot Spots

The Benelux region, considered the gateway to Europe, is of enormous geographic importance. Strategic warehouse locations provide customers with efficient access to global gateways and regional markets across northern Europe. There is consistent demand for high-quality logistics space in the Netherlands, thanks to its central location, strong infrastructure and workforce availability. The 2017 research report by Prologis, "Customer Growth Strategies: Europe's Most Desirable Logistics Locations", consistently ranks the Netherlands as a top location. The strong economy and population of 16 million provides a boost to the e-commerce sector. The logistics industry is one of the top three economic sectors in the Netherlands, and our customer research shows that three of Europe’s top five logistics locations are in the Benelux.

We develop, lease and maintain distribution sites to meet customer needs. Our team in the Benelux, headquartered in Amsterdam, has deep in-house knowledge of all aspects of logistics real estate: architecture, engineering, project and property management.

Long-term partnerships are important to us. Because we provide the best individual site solutions and the best property management service, many leading global and local companies choose to work with Prologis in the Benelux. We make it a priority to provide excellent support for our customers after they move into their new Prologis facility. And because we own our real estate, customers can rest assured that we will remain deeply invested in our relationship with them, as well as the quality and maintenance of our facility.

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Facts About Benelux

  • 2.74 Million square meters of industrial real estate space
  • 101 Logistics real estate buildings
  • 45 Hectares of land
Data as of Q1, 2022, for land owned and under option, as well as assets the company owned or had investments in, on a wholly owned basis or through co-investment ventures, properties and development projects.


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Marijn van den Heuvel


“To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.” (Douglas Adams). I think this quote of Douglas Adams reflects exactly the value of people working at Prologis and therefore of Prologis itself.


Marijn van den Heuvel, Director, Capital Deployment & Leasing

Prologis Sander Breugelmans


Mentorship is about guiding and helping each other grow. As an international and diverse company, we see the importance that every person within our team has the opportunity to learn from each other’s experiences , in order to keep developing and growing with one another. Support, guide and give advice to your colleagues – leading by example makes you a good mentor.


Sander Breugelmans, Senior Vice President, Regional Head Northern Europe

Danielle van der Lem


I greatly enjoy working at Prologis. My colleagues approach their tasks enthusiastically and face challenges with passion. We are all pursuing a common goal—and working hard to achieve it. I am convinced that the passion of each individual contributes significantly to our success and the further development of Prologis.


Danielle van der Lem, Marketing and Communications Manager Northern Europe

Gina Helmond


Accountability is about responsibility. Accepting and entrusting others with responsibility is important for a pleasant work environment. Our new way of setting ambitious goals based on quarterly periods is the best way to create a culture of accountability and responsibility. All goals are developed into key results and visible to everyone in the company.


Gina Helmond, Vice President, Head of Capital Deployment

Magnus Thim


As a company, it requires courage to be the first—otherwise an organization wastes time trying to catch up. For us as employees, this means when we make a mistake, we have to admit it and learn from it—not try to hide it. If you think something is wrong, please share your thoughts. A courageous employee is a valuable asset for every company.


Magnus Thim, Real Estate and Customer Experience Lead, Senior Manager

Gunnar Gillholm, Market Officer Nordics


A team grows out of a group, which requires time and resources. Everyone on the team takes on a specific role; everyone can rely on each other. Together, we set realistic goals and develop long-term plans. As an international company, the worldwide cooperation of teams is particularly important.


Gunnar Gillholm, Vice President, Country Manager Nordics

Contacts Benelux

  • Senior Leaders
Prologis Sander Breugelmans
Sander Breugelmans

Sander Breugelmans

Senior Vice President, Regional Head Northern Europe

Sander Breugelmans is SVP Region Head, Northern Europe (NER). He took over the reins of the 5.7 million square meter portfolio from September 2020 and...

Prologis Gina Helmond
Gina Helmold

Gina Helmold

Vice President, Head of Capital Deployment

Gina Helmold is Head of Developments and in the Benelux responsible for ensuring all leasing and re-leasingof existing and future developments, as...

Prologis Marijn van den Heuvel
Marijn van den Heuvel

Marijn van den Heuvel

Director, Capital Deployment & Leasing

Marijn van den Heuvel is a leasing officer for the Benelux responsible for re-leasing existing properties and future developmentswithin the...

Prologis Arthur van Kooij
Arthur van Kooij

Arthur van Kooij

Vice President, Head of Project Management Northern Europe

Arthur van Kooij, VP Project Management Northern Europe, leads the overall management of developments in Northern Europe, overseeing multiple projects...

Anja Giesen
Anja Giesen

Anja Giesen

Vice President, Legal Counsel Northern Europe

Anja Giesen is vice president, legal counsel Northern Europe at Prologis. Since July 2019, she has worked in the Prologis legal department and is...

Danielle van der Lem
Danielle van der Lem

Danielle van der Lem

Marketing and Communications Manager Northern Europe

Danielle van der Lem, marketing and communications manager, Northern Europe, is responsible for marketing and communications in Benelux, Germany and...

Bart Konings
Bart Konings

Bart Konings

Capital Deployment & Leasing Director Benelux

Bart Konings, Capital Deployment & Leasing Director Benelux, is responsible for (re)leasing existing properties and properties which are under...


Prologis Park Tilburg DC4, The Netherlands
Tilburg DC4, phase III

Tilburg DC4, phase III

Tilburg, Netherlands

Prologis Park Tilburg is located in the large-scale industrial park Vossenberg West II, comprising 13 hectares of land with the opportunity to build an approximately 80,000 square meter state-of-the-art and sustainable distribution center. This distribution facility can be divided easily into units...

Prologis Park Eindhoven DC2, The Netherlands
Eindhoven DC2, phase I & II

Eindhoven DC2, phase I & II

Tilburg, Netherlands

Eindhoven DC2 consists of two phases. The first phase, measuring 28,000 square meters, was completed in 2016. It is a state-of-the-art logistics...

Prologis Park Venlo, The Netherlands
Venlo DC7

Venlo DC7

Venlo, Netherlands

Venlo DC7, located at Prologis Park Venlo, is a modern distribution center in Trade Port West. Venlo is an excellent base for businesses across all...

Stelvio for Life

Stelvio for Life Foundation

Members of our local corporate responsibility committee and other volunteers organize several fundraising activities annually for the Stelvio for Life Foundation, a charity founded in the Netherlands in 2012. Stelvio for Life Foundation raises funds for the Barcode for Life Foundation, which supports research for personalized cancer treatment based on DNA analysis.