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There are currently no job vacancies at Prologis in Northern Europe.

However, please don’t hesitate to send a speculative application to [email protected].

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For a successful career start in the real estate sector we offer the following opportunities for recent graduates and students at Prologis in Northern Europe

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Career Opportunities at Prologis

Our expertise in Northern Europe covers all stages, from site analysis to the management of our buildings. This includes project management, leasing and property management. Our finance, marketing and HR teams support these fields.

Business Development

Prologis specializes in real estate development for the logistics industry. Our market officers are responsible for acquiring vacant properties and operating logistics buildings in attractive locations. Together with project managers, they also oversee the development of sustainable facilities. They work closely with the leasing and property management teams to ensure that operations in Prologis facilities run smoothly.

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Project Management

Prologis is highly experienced in developing new properties tailored to the complex, diverse requirements of our international customers. Our project management covers the full range of relevant responsibilities, including site analysis, planning and construction, and handover of the property.

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Prologis leases logistics facilities to international customers, largely in B2B, retail and online fulfillment. We are committed to sustainable, long-term partnerships with our customers. We have also optimized our leasing processes in order to meet a wide range of customer requirements.

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Property Management

The property management expertise of Prologis results from the several million square meters of logistics space we oversee. Our dedicated property managers work to ensure the continuous operability of our facilities and meet the requirements of our customers.

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Marijn van den Heuvel


“To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.” I think this quote by Douglas Adams exactly reflects the value of people working at Prologis and therefore of Prologis itself.


Marijn van den Heuvel, Leasing Officer Benelux

Bram Verhoeven, Regional Head Northern Europe


Sharing experience and knowledge is the main aspect of mentorship. You have to listen to the people around you instead of just dictating what they have to do. Try to put yourself in their shoes. Support your colleagues, guide them and give advice if needed. If you lead by example, you are a good mentor.


Bram Verhoeven, Senior Vice President, Regional Head Northern Europe

Wouter de Vries


I greatly enjoy working at Prologis. My colleagues approach their tasks enthusiastically and face challenges with passion. We are all pursuing a common goal—and working hard to achieve it. I am convinced that the passion of each individual contributes significantly to our success and the further development of Prologis.


Wouter de Vries, HR Business Partner

Prologis property manager Ruben Vogels


Accountability is about responsibility. Accepting and entrusting others with responsibility is important for a pleasant work environment. Our new way of setting ambitious goals based on quarterly periods is the best way to create a culture of accountability and responsibility. All goals are developed into key results and visible to everyone in the company.


Ruben Vogels, Property Manager Benelux

Magnus Thim


As a company, it requires courage to be the first—otherwise an organization wastes time trying to catch up. For us as employees, this means when we make a mistake, we have to admit it and learn from it—not try to hide it. If you think something is wrong, please share your thoughts. A courageous employee is a valuable asset for every company.


Magnus Thim, Senior Property Manager Nordics

Gunnar Gillholm, Market Officer Nordics


A team grows out of a group, which requires time and resources. Everyone on the team takes on a specific role; everyone can rely on each other. Together, we set realistic goals and develop long-term plans. As an international company, the worldwide cooperation of teams is particularly important.


Gunnar Gillholm, Vice President, Market Officer Nordics


Do you have questions about the application process or our vacancies in Northern Europe? Feel free to contact us.

Prologis Wouter de Vries

Wouter​ de Vries
HR Business Partner

Tel.: +31 20 6590201
Mobile: +31 6 15418806
Email: [email protected]