We believe that the best experiences are built together. Whether it’s by offering extra support in times when it matters most, or by being there in whichever way we are needed- we make it our priority to understand our customers’ and partners’ needs so that we can provide future-ready solutions that go well beyond four walls and a roof.

With a purely customer-centric approach, paired with a drive for innovation we never lose sight of the basics on which life-long partnerships are built. This helps us create the spaces and places where our customers’ businesses can prosper, where their employees enjoy coming to work and where communities and nature can flourish. 

Recently, the quality of our development performance and attention to customer and ESG focused solutions was also recognized by the real estate community at large. On May 28, we were named Europe’s most recognizable logistics real estate brand 2020, by the German-based European Real Estate Brand (REB) Institute. Prologis was further recognised in two regional categories (the Benelux and Central & Eastern Europe) as the strongest logistics real estate brand, following the REB’s annual evaluation of more than 1,000 real estate brands across Europe.

“We see that the path we took two years ago, following our 2018 nomination was the right direction. This recognition shows us that our focus on servicing our internal and external customers is crucial in building a top brand profile. In fact, our brand strategy is underpinned by a commitment to build strong relationships with all of our partners and employees, based on dialogue and understanding. Attention to these basics is key to providing sustainable, innovative and data driven solutions that add value to our customers’ operations,” said Ben Bannatyne, president Prologis, Europe.

"When building the profile of Prologis in the region, we consistently focus on areas that distinguish and define us. As part of that strategy, we focus on a coherently implemented message based on emotions and fundamental values. Thanks to this, the brand of Prologis is regarded as authentic and recognizable at the same time. We are pleased that our regional partners intuit this and associate Prologis with integrity and trustworthiness. This strongly motivates us to continue building a strong and outstanding brand on the market,” said Marta Tęsiorowska, VP, Head of Marketing & Communications Europe.”

The Real Estate Brand Value Study is the largest empirical brand study in the European real estate industry providing the basis for a top 100 brand index of real estate developers as well as investors, brokers and integrated real estate managers in Europe. The research annually monitors improvements across key performance indicators to measure the positioning of the most important real estate companies in Europe.


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