Prologis distribution centers are built with sustainability in mind. We work to minimize our environmental impacts today and lay plans to ensure a better tomorrow, looking at all aspects of our business through a lens of sustainability—from a diverse and inclusive workforce to building development and operations.

We offer incentives for carpooling and green commuting. Our properties have solar roofs and paving panels to provide clean energy. Our employees participate in neighborhood beautification projects and donate time to our communities. We also invest in biodiversity to enhance the ecology of a property or create amenities for local people.

When designing the landscaping at Prologis RFI DIRFT in the UK, the Prologis team worked with Robin Dean, our tenant Sainsbury’s bee expert, to make the area surrounding the new facility as bee friendly as possible, because an environment that attracts bees strengthens biodiversity more generally. Beehives were a first for Prologis and the entire industrial real estate sector.

We proudly continue our biodiversity efforts at Prologis Park Isle d’Abeau outside of Lyon in France with a park designed to enhance and improve the surrounding environment. One of the more interesting projects was the installation of 21 insect hotels, small wooden shelters that offer bugs protection against cold and inclement weather to ensure their propagation as a species. Insect hotels are a wonderful way to protect and support biodiversity.

Bees and bugs supporting biodiversity
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