The customer experience and the quality of our customer service have the highest priority. All our actions are aimed at meeting the needs of our customers and to provide personalized service. In line with this strategy, Prologis is setting up a Customer Experience Team, a new organizational model for even better service quality.

The new standard in customer service

The Customer Experience Team (CET) is the point of contact for fast and efficient service. The new organizational model is flexible, close to our customer and always focused on the customer experience. With the establishment of the CET, our customers benefit from integrated, cross-functional expertise, enabling us to resolve problems quickly and efficiently meet our customers' needs.

Reorganization and expansion

The new CET structure not only involves a reorganization, but also a doubling of the number of experts within the Customer Experience Team. This is a strategic choice that offers greater flexibility and allows us to help our customers with whatever challenges they face. This allows them to focus on their own business operations without any worries.

Two Customer Experience Teams are available in the Benelux (Benelux North and Benelux South), with the following functions per team:

  • Real Estate and Customer Experience Manager: Responsible for managing the customer experience, formerly known as the Property Manager.
  • Real Estate & Customer Experience Coordinator: ensures that the customer's question is handled quickly and by the right person.
  • Facility Manager: provides all services related to the management of the logistics facility; the integration of this person in the CET is a major advantage in guaranteeing optimal service quality.
  • Leasing Manager: responsible for marketing, and manages the Prologis Essentials platform.
  • Operations, Construction Manager: is responsible for carrying out repairs.
  • Regulations, ICPE classification and environment: advises on regulations and environment related matters.
  • Property & Data Billing Manager: takes care of the administrative data management.

Additional benefits

The new organizational structure also offers our customers support from environmental specialists, who help them meet ICPE standards and reduce their CO2 footprint. They can also take advantage of the services and products of Prologis Essentials Marketplace, which provide them with all types of operational equipment at any time to carry out their work. The new structure also offers customers the opportunity to discover the PARKlife concept, creating spaces and places where everyone enjoys working.

Sander Breugelmans Senior Vice President, Regional Head Northern Europe: ''The renewed organizational structure of the Customer Experience Team enables us to further strengthen the relationship with our customers, and to offer them optimal service quality. Thanks to the cross-functional teams, we can meet the needs of our customers even better, and they can focus on their own business in peace.”

Discover the Benelux Customer Experience Teams:

Benelux North

Benelux South


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