Prologis Energy Container

Prologis is an advocate of sustainable development. We believe that one area in which big steps can be made is in renewable energy solutions. Recently we introduced the Prologis Energy Container at our Eindhoven park. This simple application enables us to generate on site sustainable energy.

Did you know that as much as 50% of the total CO2 emissions from distribution centers can be attributed to the construction of a distribution center? This is evident from conducting a Life Cycle Assessment, a method with which you can determine the environmental performance over the lifetime of a distribution center. The large share of the total CO2 emissions means that a lot of efficiencies can still be achieved during the construction phase reducing CO2 emissions. This fact has inspired us to innovate together with our construction partner ASK Romein with sustainable energy generation on site. The result: the Prologis Energy Container.

At Prologis Park Eindhoven we are currently working on the second phase of the 70,000 square meter distribution center for logistics service provider XPO Logistics. Here we experiment with the use of the Prologis Energy Container to supply the on-site construction shed with 100% renewable energy.

What does a container that can generate and store electricity look like? We placed two wind turbines on the construction site on 10 meters high masts. In addition, there are 12 solar panels in combination with a 10 kilowatt battery pack (with a capacity to supply an equivalent of approximately 2 households with energy) mounted on a 6 meter long construction container. This arrangement results in a stable and 100% energy supply for the construction shed with a high yield and without emissions. An additional advantage is that the Prologis Energy Container not only offers a pure but also a silent form of clean energy power generation. And that also off-grid and mobile: we can use the Prologis Energy Container basically everywhere.

We are delighted with the opportunities this pilot project offers. For this reason we are closely monitoring its performance to learn how we can use this concept even better in the future to other applications.The Prologis Energy Container, but also other, sustainable solutions such as solar, energy storage and smart energy meters in our premises fit seamlessly with Prologis's ambition to raise the bar for sustainable development.

If you want to know more about our sustainable developments or if you just have a question or suggestion, please contact Arthur van Kooij, Head of Project Management Prologis Northern Europe.

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