Today, Taiwan based global leading logistics provider Morrison Express celebrated the opening of its new warehouse at Prologis Park Eindhoven DC4, unit E. With this facility Morrison can provide their key customers in Europe with a one stop sustainable solution. The 12,800 square meter warehouse was built on a former waste dump and designed with the ambition to develop a building with minimized local emissions, and with a people-centric design making it a healthy and pleasant working space. As a result, the warehouse is expected to receive a WELL ‘Gold’ and BREEAM ‘Outstanding’ certificate. 

Opening Eindhoven DC4 Morrison

Photo: From left to right: Jeroen van Beek, Nancy McKenzie, Danny Chiu, Bjorn Thiemann, Martijn Kuijken en Jessica Pilkes. Credits: CR fotografie.

A new milestone
The new warehouse at Prologis Park Eindhoven DC4 is a fitting facility for the services Morrison Express aims to provide. The warehouse is bonded and will be TAPA certified to support key vertical business. Furthermore, it’s a modern and sustainable speculative development where Morrison Express can roll out activities efficiently to support their growth strategy. Jeroen van Beek, general manager for the Netherlands at Morrison Express: “This new warehouse marks a new milestone for our European strategy. It supports us in our ambition to be the global logistics provider that can provide air, ocean, customs clearance, warehousing, and delivery services. In addition, considering its low carbon footprint, the new facility fits perfectly in our corporate sustainability ambitions.     

Sustainable development 
Eindhoven DC4 is a great example of the next generation of warehouse facilities – warehouses that are more than four walls and a roof. By eliminating local emissions, the warehouse has no negative impact on nature reserves. Furthermore, the all-electric building is provided with energy efficient heat pumps, high grade insulation, smart building controls and triple-pane windows. Along with the solar system that is yet to be installed, providing all the necessary electricity, the warehouse will have minimized local emissions. Martijn Kuijken, Head of Development at Prologis Benelux: “It was a challenge to develop a building of this size without gas connection, with a low carbon footprint and lower energy costs, but we have succeeded. We are very proud to have built a future-proof building that will continue to add value for both Morrison without harming the environment.”

Focus on wellbeing with WELL ‘Gold’
In addition to the sustainability benefits, the facility also has ecological and health benefits, making it a very healthy and pleasant place to work. The site is surrounded by a green ribbon with nature-inclusive landscaping. Outdoor seats and a picnic area surrounded by green invite employees to spend their breaks outdoors and enjoy the trees and plants, beehives, bird houses and the insect hotels. Greenery is also available inside the building, enhancing the air quality. Skylights provide natural daylight, and uninterrupted LED linear roof lighting, imitating natural daylight, counteracts tired eyes for forklift drivers. All features together will expectedly result in a WELL ‘Gold’ certificate.

Prologis Essentials 
The Prologis Essentials team provided Morrison with racking and forklifts, which supported and unburdened them with the move-in. In addition, since Morrison wanted to access the warehouse as soon as possible, the Essentials team did everything in their power to make this happen. Jeroen van Beek adds: “Essentials really made our lives easier during the move-in. We were able to focus on other things, completely unburdened."

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