When it comes to the development of new logistics properties, sustainability and wildlife protection play an important role at Prologis. One such example is the 101,000 square meter, carbon-neutral logistics center for L’Oréal in Muggensturm near Karlsruhe, Germany. Working with conservation experts, Prologis implemented a number of measures to protect the wildlife at the site.

The new logistics center is being built on a property designated as a wildlife and water conservation area. “This means the site is subject to particularly strict regulations, which it goes without saying, that we follow,” says Ferhad Siteki, project management associate Germany. “Reptiles and amphibians live near the property, and a small skylark population uses the property as a breeding ground. We obviously don’t want to destroy their habitat.”

As a result, Prologis is building vegetated replacement habitat for the skylarks on the roof of the new logistics center. This will give the birds a new home and space to breed in an area of about 30,000 square meters—approximately the size of three soccer fields. Skylarks breed in relatively flat pastures, so in order to create a new home for the skylarks similar to their existing habitat, Prologis installed a soil substrate on the roof and planted native plants.

During construction and until the grass on the roof is fully grown, the surrounding fields will be used as replacement habitat. Prologis signed an agreement with farmers for a three-year transitional period during which the farmers will add “skylark windows” to their fields—empty spaces in the middle of their fields where the birds can breed until their new home on the roof of the carbon-neutral facility is ready.

“A reptile and amphibian fence, which we installed around the entire property, prevents the animals from being damaged during construction on the site. Lizards and frogs now remain in their familiar habitat,” says Siteki.

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