Wouldn’t it be nice to know when maintenance has been carried out or to be able to report a malfunction at the touch of a button? The new web application developed by our partner Van Dorp, to be launched on 1 April, makes all this possible.

The application allows users to gain real-time insight into the agenda of planned activities or the scheduled visits of maintenance staff. But the system offers even more possibilities for customers. For example, they can:

  • immediately create a ticket for malfunctions and follow the status and completion of a malfunction by means of a 'track and trace' method;
  • view the maintenance budget for preventive maintenance;
  • look up the status of current quotation requests;
  • view specifications of installations and / or components of the rented property;
  • give immediate feedback on the performance provided by Van Dorp and partners in the event of a malfunction.

An app for smartphone and / or tablet will also become available, enabling customers to access the web application and report malfunctions 24/7.

Van Dorp's offer is in tune with the ambition of Prologis to further optimize our customer service, together with our partners. This is really important to us. Over the past year, the Property Management team has paid extra attention to the contract agreements with our facility partners regarding the quality of service. Van Dorp's new application is a concrete example of an innovation by our partners that boosts service even further.

Sandra van Deijl, Senior Property Manager at Prologis Benelux, works closely with Van Dorp. Talking about the innovation, she says, "We listen carefully to our customers and try to implement as many of their good ideas as possible. Our customers walk through the warehouses quite a lot and want to report a malfunction as soon as possible. To date they did this for 90% by use of the phone. With the soon available app our customers can make reports more conveniently by doing this digital. Moreover, customers gain faster insight into the status of malfunctions via the new app or they can provide feedback instantly."

Jacques van der Krogt of Van Dorp explains, "As a consumer we see many initiatives that make our lives easier, providing us with more information and allowing us to make better choices. In developing our innovations, we strive to make this same convenience available to everyone in our services, independent of time and place.”

If you want to know more about this web application or other aspects of Property Management, please contact Sandra van Deijl.

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