Participants in the Prologis property management team partner event attended the gathering with excitement. Held at the Prologis European headquarters at the Zuidas in Amsterdam, the event revolved around connecting and teamwork.

Maintaining excellent scores on Prologis customer satisfaction in the global research by Kingsley requires teamwork, which was underlined during the kickoff to the morning session with Sandra van Deijl, senior property manager at Prologis. “We set the bar high,” she stressed.

"We want to be the best."

To gain an understanding of the field, participants responded to quiz questions, such as “How many square meters do you think Prologis manages in the Netherlands?” Even the highest guesses were too low for the correct answer (1.8 million square meters), and such large properties are not managed alone. The work entails making each other better, which van Deijl emphasized in her best American accent, “We want to be the best.”

Participants agreed. After all, the partners of Prologis also aim for the top. They are the best in their industries. Van Dorp is a technical service provider with approximately 1,000 employees at 15 regional branches. The German company Hörmann is a global name in the field of dock equipment. Van Rijn Brandbeveiliging BV, based in Tholen, Zeeland, also has a strong reputation in the field of fire safety. And landscape architect Donkergroen—from Sneek, a relatively new partner—is regarded as the biggest “green thinker” in the Netherlands.

Partner Event 2

Proud to collaborate

The informal event was full of insights, linked by the concept of preparing for the future. “In the end, it’s all about customer satisfaction,” was how Martin ten Brummeler summed up the event on behalf of Van Dorp. “That concept is given top priority by all the companies involved. We are really proud to collaborate with Prologis, a major strategic partner with whom it is a pleasure to grow.”

It’s not always easy to think about tomorrow, said Martin. “We’re all wrapped up in today’s hectic activities. Business just goes on. But that’s precisely why it’s important to stay focused on the future and generate new ideas. Here’s to many more events in the coming years.”

Jessica Pilkes, director property management Benelux at Prologis, elaborated further: “Sharing information is necessary to continue to recognize each other’s interests. We have a huge portfolio, Only through a close relationship with our partners can we achieve our goal and stay ahead of what’s next, giving priority to providing the best service to the customer. 


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