Prologis partnership with Sunrock solar panels
Partnership Prologis and Sunrock on solar energy


As the global market leader in industrial real estate, our logistics real estate facilities are designed to ensure our customers and communities thrive and prosper—today and tomorrow. We develop energy-efficient buildings that help reduce environmental impacts and lower operational costs for our customers. This is why we aim to generate 200 megawatts of solar energy worldwide by 2020.

To achieve this goal, we are installing solar panels at our distribution centers in Venlo (58,800 square meters) and Nieuwegein (19,300 square meters) in 2018. The Venlo installation will comprise 14,352 solar panels with a joint capacity of 3.9 megawatts, and Nieuwegein will have 5,337 solar panels with a capacity of 1.4 megawatts. Together, these projects will generate enough renewable power for 1,500 households. Prologis is working on this project with Sunrock, which is investing in the project, as well as overseeing development, construction and operation.

Arthur van Kooij, head of project management Northern Europe, Prologis, explained, “Sustainability is only natural for Prologis. Not only to contribute to a better environment, but also because it makes our work more fun and interesting. And in the end, it results in a better product. Our cooperation with Sunrock fits perfectly within this vision.”

Johannes Duijzer, director of Sunrock, said, “Right now, the Netherlands has the greatest solar energy potential in Europe. Sunrock focuses on the big roofs of logistic centers. In the Netherlands, these buildings offer 31 million square meters of unused roof space. This provides a potential power capacity for no less than 700,000 homes. The Prologis-Sunrock partnership is a real win-win case: Prologis makes the roofs available, and we provide the capital and install the solar panels. In this way, we also contribute to the energy transition that is underway in the Netherlands.”

For more information, please contact Van Kooij.

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