“Building tomorrow; transition to the real estate chain of the future” was the theme of the Real Estate Symposium held in Amstelveen, Netherlands, on 7 December and organized by ambitious students with an interest in real estate. Prologis took part in the symposium for the second time.

It is no surprise that Prologis is involved in the annual Real Estate Symposium, where master’s students of real estate management enter into dialogue with leading companies in the industry. As a market leader in logistics real estate, Prologis is interested in future real estate talent. Participating in this event positions Prologis to attract top talent.

Knowledge Sharing
The Real Estate Symposium is an opportunity for both students and Prologis to get to know one another better. The people at Prologis act as mentors to the students, which promotes knowledge sharing.

New Ideas
Gina Helmold, head of developments at Prologis Benelux, led one of the case rounds: “We often see that logistics real estate is not always top of mind for real estate students. That’s a shame because the logistics real estate market has undergone explosive growth, developing from a niche market to a mature market. There’s a lot to learn in this sector. And these learning opportunities are provided by Prologis at the Real Estate Symposium. What I personally like so much about these events is meeting new talent and getting excited about their ideas.”

Prologis likes to invest in meaningful contributions, which are also at the Real Estate Symposium. Bram Verhoeven, senior vice president, regional head Northern Europe, took part in the plenary panel discussion with other lead players in the field: “I see an exciting number of talented people around who can contribute to the innovation of the real estate branch. We see it as our duty to give these talents a chance and to plant a seed for the future. And as a former member of one of the organizing associations, I also have a personal connection with the Real Estate Symposium. I’m proud that Prologis can contribute as a partner to further develop future leaders of the industry.”


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