Amsterdam (4 June 2019) – Prologis, Inc., the global leader in logistics real estate, has achieved WELL Certified™ Gold for its DC5 logistics facility in Tilburg, the Netherlands. This marks the first time that the International WELL Building Institute™ (IWBI™) has issued a Gold-level certification at a fully fitted logistics project. The 25,800 square meter facility is a build-to-suit for Pantos Logistics.

Putting People at the Center

Adapting the WELL Building Standard to logistics buildings places a focus on pleasant and healthy work environments. “The Tilburg facility is no longer merely a functional space,” said Arthur van Kooij, vice president, head of project management, Prologis Northern Europe. “The interior and exterior are developed as a single whole with communal, shared amenities for all the staff. The investment pays off as soon as you step into the building and experience the space.”

DC5 was developed in collaboration with IWBI. The certification addressed the full scope of project design and construction as well as aspects of building operations. The latest smart technology enables people to interact with the building. Innovative design concepts incorporate a plant wall and greenery which improves indoor air quality and acts as a complement to the industrial design. “Completing Tilburg DC5 was a great way for us to explore the WELL concept,” said van Kooij. “Shifting toward a more people-centric approach to logistics real estate is an eye opener, and the insights we gain will give our buildings further competitive advantages.”

Certification Procedure

Gold-level certification is achieved by meeting all the WELL preconditions, as well as 40 percent or more of the optimization features. Due to the complexity of the project, receiving the final certification took time and effort. Authorized WELL assessors spent three days onsite to evaluate the building while the facility was in full operation. This stringent performance-based assessment is what makes the certification by IWBI a true seal of quality. “Industrial facilities are important places to advance the movement to support employee health and well-being, demonstrating how all types of workplaces can help people thrive," said Rick Fedrizzi, Chairman and CEO, International WELL Building Institute. "By achieving WELL Certification for its first two buildings globally—Prologis Park Tacoma and now Tilburg DC5—Prologis has demonstrated its leadership and commitment to providing a positive environment for all who work and visit."

The Future of Logistics Real Estate

Prologis has signed on to IWBI’s WELL Portfolio pilot pathway to integrate WELL across its logistics real estate portfolio. “Given the clear environmental stewardship and social responsibility benefits, I hope that in the future certain WELL principles will be standard features of logistics real estate,” said van Kooij. “In Europe, 150,000 employees work in buildings owned by Prologis—we might have a great impact by creating better working places that help our customers attract and retain employees in a tight labour market. In the end, we create a positive environment in which we live and work.”

Tilburg DC5’s Special Features

  • The interior and exterior are developed as a single whole with communal shared facilities for all employees, whether they work in the office or in the warehouse.
  • The balanced design of the building and surrounding landscaping creates a better work place that goes beyond the shell of the building. It connects people with each other, the natural environment and society.
  • Innovative technology was used to make the building “smart” and provide more insights into the use and the efficiency of the facility.
  • Technology allows people to interact with the building via a “smart wall.”
  • Sensors monitor air quality and indoor climate.
  • Low-emitting and ecological friendly materials were carefully selected.
  • A plant wall and greenery along the balustrade of the mezzanine have a positive effect on the mood of the interior, and improve air quality.
  • Lighting with intelligent sensors and biodynamic controls helps to vitalize people and support well-being.
  • Ergonomic workstations, clearly defined walking routes, an attractive staircase and even a company bike share plan help keep employees fit and energized.
  • The exterior grounds were carefully sculpted to include green areas, seating areas and footpaths.
  • Sports and recreation facilities foster a healthy environment.


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