Our partnership with Skechers began in 2002, when the company leased 25,000 square meters. In 2009, we expanded Skechers’ space by 25,000 square meters, and, in 2015, we leased the company another 55,000 square meters in Liège, Belgium.

Skechers’ Liège facility is part of Prologis Park Liège, which has direct access to the A40, a major highway. The park is close to the German border and one hour’s drive from Brussels. The third and most recent expansion in 2015 reflects our strong long-term partnership with this global company and customer. Liège is a central hub for Skechers’ European distribution network, and they are investing heavily in automating this facility. Prologis ensured that the building was ready for automation, allowing Skechers to focus on the rapid growth of operations.

Logistics hot spot
Liège, is a historic university town in Belgium with a population of 200,000, with 600,000 in the broader metropolitan region. With a highly educated population, Liège is home to significant biotechnology and information technology industries.

Located on the Meuse river, Liège is the third-most active river port in Europe. The Trilogiport—a multimodal platform that opened in 2015 and integrates road, rail and waterways—solidifies the region’s position as an important logistics and distribution hub. A network of highways, freight rail and high-speed trains coursing through the region ensure efficient circulation of goods and people.

Liège’s airport is the 28th-largest cargo airport in the world and the seventh largest in Europe. It is within a one-hour drive of large population centers, such as Cologne, Germany and Brussels, Belgium. Multimodal movement of goods through the region is enabled by a network of warehouses and industrial property.


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