Facts About DC5 at Prologis Park Tilburg

  • 34,524 square meters plot
  • 22,894 square meters of logistics space
  • 1,867 square meters of mezzanine
  • 1,042 square meters of office
  • 23 docks
Prologis Park Tilburg DC5

WELL Certificate Gold

Adapting the WELL Building Standard to logistics buildings places a focus on pleasant and healthy work environments. The complex Gold-level certification process takes time and effort. All the WELL preconditions and 40 percent or more of the optimization features have to be met to achieve the Gold-level certification.

Authorized WELL assessors spent three days onsite to evaluate the building while the facility was in full operation. This stringent performance-based assessment is what makes the IWBI certification a true seal of quality.

WELL Building feature - plants

WELL Certificate Platinum

After the introduction of the WELL Building Standard version 1 for logistics real estate, Prologis has now also applied the WELL version 2. Warehouses with the WELL Building version 1 have seven separate concepts that guarantee a healthy and pleasant working environment. The WELL Building version 2 goes a few steps further with no fewer than nine features. For optimization purposes, the concept of 'comfort' has been split into the components 'acoustic' and 'thermal comfort' and two new categories have been added: 'materials' and 'community'.

Project Overview (Prologis Park Tilburg DC5)

In May 2018, Prologis delivered DC5, a 25,803 square meter build-to-suit distribution facility for Pantos Logistics in Tilburg, Netherlands. The facility achieved WELL Certified™ Gold in May 2019. By creating a pleasant and healthy work environment, we provided Pantos with a unique added value that takes into account its employees—the company’s most important resource.


Prologis Park Tilburg is located in Southern Netherlands, one of the fastest-growing logistics markets in the Netherlands because of its proximity to key logistics hubs in Antwerp and Rotterdam. The park comprises 271,174 square meters.

Use by Pantos

The facility is leased to Pantos Logistics, a long-term Prologis customer. Because of the leading Korean logistics provider’s growth across a number of areas, including warehousing, the company required additional capacity in the Netherlands. Pantos moved into the facility in May 2018.


Whereas building rating systems such as BREEAM assess the environmental performance of buildings, the WELL Building Standard focuses on building design and management that enhances employee health and quality of life in the work environment. Incorporating health and well-being into building design is an example of Prologis’ long-term focus and innovative approach to environmental stewardship, social responsibility and governance—and of how these factors are integrated fully into our business strategy.


Focusing on the well-being of employees inside warehouses aligns with our sustainability and business objectives, as well as our ambitions to raise the standards for logistics buildings.

Shifting toward a more human-centric approach leads to insights that give Prologis buildings an extra competitive edge.

Take a WELL Walk (Prologis Park Tilburg DC5)

Would you like to experience our WELL building project? Our 3D animation offers the opportunity to explore Prologis Park Tilburg DC5 and also provides information about the facility and the WELL Building Standard.


Project Overview (Prologis Park Nieuwegein DC2)

With Prologis Park Nieuwegein, Prologis created a build-to-suit logistics building in the logistics hotspot of the Netherlands. With the recently obtained WELL Platinum Certificate, the distribution center (DC2) is one of the forerunners in global industrial logistics in the field of pleasant and healthy working environments. With this certification, Prologis offers main resident HEMA and its employees significant added value in the exercise of their profession and thus the success of the well-known company.


Prologis Park Nieuwegein is one of the logistics hotspots in the Netherlands: on the A-27 at Het Klooster business park, where Prologis Benelux bought a 5.7 hectare plot in 2019. And the bar was set high. Literally. For example, the intended building was given a clear height of no less than 12.2 meters. Prologis Park Nieuwegein covers a total area of 34,000 square meters.

Use by Hema

The distribution center is leased to HEMA, which needed new premises to fulfill its ambitions: further online (and international) growth. Also logistically ideal: the new location of the distribution center at Het Klooster is close to the current HEMA distribution center in Utrecht. This facilitates intensive collaboration between the two locations. Ceva provides logistics services on behalf of HEMA.


DC2 from Prologis Park Nieuwegein makes clear how sustainable a warehouse can be today. For example, the enormous building is equipped with LED lighting, equipped with solar panels and received a BREEAM certificate 'Excellent' in the context of sustainability performance. This building rating system measures the environmental performance of buildings. Prologis Benelux sees the integration of health and wellness facilities in the design of buildings as an example of an even greater focus and innovative orientation on ecological stewardship, social responsibility and good corporate governance. Health and well-being are already so woven into the Prologis standard that it is relatively easy to make the step towards obtaining WELL certifications for more warehouses.


Bringing the warehouse back to a human scale is the vision of Prologis Benelux. The well-being of people and nature is paramount. This is evident from the enormous green pillars in the warehouse, which are no less than 10 meters high, on which plants grow upwards. But in addition to the green aspects in the interior, such as a 'green wall' in the office, the air quality and lighting of the warehouse are also considered. The landscape layout of the surrounding site offers walking paths and lunch spots in a green environment that also contributes to improved biodiversity. In short, a place where you want to work!

What is the WELL Building Standard?

The WELL Building Standard focuses on seven human-oriented categories of building performance: air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort and mind.

Listen to Arthur van Kooij, head of project management Northern Europe for Prologis, speak about joining forces with the International WELL Building Institute to develop the WELL concept further.

The WELL Building Standard positions people first because a more pleasant workplace environment improves the well-being of employees and leads to higher motivation and productivity.


Prologis Tilburg DC5 Well building

Shortlisted for the 2019 MIPIM Awards

The special and innovative features of the WELL building in Tilburg that contribute to a healthy workplace earned Prologis a nomination for the 2019 MIPIM Awards in the category Best Industrial & Logistics Development. MIPIM, an international real estate event in Cannes, France, brings together professionals, planners, engineers, urban planners, financial institutions, city representatives, brokers and consultants from around the world to present ideas and projects. The exhibition is one of the largest real estate events in the world. Since 1991, exceptional real estate projects worldwide have been presented with MIPIM Awards.


Do you have questions about Prologis WELL projects or general questions about WELL building in regard to logistics facilities? Don’t hesitate to contact us.


 Arthur van Kooij, VP, Head of Project Management Northern Europe


Arthur van Kooij
VP, Head of Project Management Northern Europe

Email: [email protected]