Facts About Our Solar Project


kWp installed power


MWp goal worldwide by 2025


kg average reduction of CO2 emissions per year


Equivalent to energy use in number of households

Data as of January 1, 2021, for land owned and under option, as well as assets the company owned or had investments in, on a wholly owned basis or through co-investment ventures, properties and development projects.

Our Projects

Prologis aims to significantly increase the number of distribution centers in the Benelux fitted with rooftop solar panels. Here is a selection of projects we’ve already completed or are working on currently in Benelux.

Nieuwegein DC2 (BC)

Prologis Park Nieuwegein DC 2A

Project specifications:

  • Installed power: 1,460 kWp
  • Location: Bolwerkdok 2
  • Total households: 370
  • Total CO2 reduction: 699,581 kg per year

Venlo DC7

Prologis Park Venlo DC7

Project specifications:

  • Installed power: 3,900 kWp
  • Location: George Vancouverstraat 15-21
  • Total households: 1,030
  • Total CO2 reduction: 1,948,833 kg per year

Oosterhout DC1_8

Prologis Park Oosterhout DC1

Project specifications:

  • Installed power: 2,500 kWp
  • Location: Energieweg
  • Total households: 625
  • Total CO2 reduction: 1,299,222 kg per year

View from above on a warehouse with solar panels on the roof

Prologis Park Tilburg DC4

Project specifications:

  • Installed power: 5,300 kWp
  • Location: Asteriastraat 4
  • Total households: 1,400
  • Total CO2 reduction: 2,648,215 kg per year

Corner view of a warehouse with solar panels on the roof
Under Construction

Prologis Park Tilburg DC5 AB

Project specifications:

  • Installed power: 1,387 kWp
  • Location: Theseusstraat 42
  • Total households: 366
  • Total CO2 reduction: 693,085 kg per year

corner view of a warehouse with greenery infront
Under Construction

Prologis Park Venlo DC8

Project specifications:

  • Installed power: 4,300 kWp
  • Location: Maarten de Vriesstraat 2-18
  • Total households: 1,135
  • Total CO2 reduction: 2,149,713 kg per year

Warehouse with red lightning on the edge

Prologis Park Eindhoven DC2

Project specifications:

  • Installed power: 6,76 MWp
  • Location: Achtseweg Noord 25
  • Total households: 1,800
  • Total CO2 reduction: 3,835,000 kg per year

Warehouse with blue lightning on the edge

Prologis Park Eindhoven DC3

Project specifications:

  • Installed power: 3,22 MWp
  • Location: Weijerbeemd 12
  • Total households: 850
  • Total CO2 reduction: 1,610,000 kg per year

Bird View of Warehouse with solar panels on the roof

Prologis Park Venlo DC6

Project specifications:

  • Installed power: 7,67 MWp
  • Location: Piri Reisweg 21
  • Total households: 2,030
  • Total CO2 reduction: 3,835,000 kg per year

Corner view of a warehouse with solar panels on the roof

Prologis Park Tilburg DC5 (CD)

Project specifications:

  • Installed power: 3,15 MWp
  • Location: Polluxstraat 20
  • Total households: 840
  • Total CO2 reduction: 1,575,000 kg per year

Solar panels on a roof with greenery in the back

Prologis Park Nieuwegein DC2 (BC)

Project specifications:

  • Installed power: 3,33 MWp
  • Location: Inundatiedok 10
  • Total households: 880
  • Total CO2 reduction: 1,665,000 kg per year

Listen to the People Involved

At Prologis, we work closely with our partners. We provide the rooftops, and Sunrock supplies and installs the solar panels. It’s a synergetic collaboration from which our customers profit, and it contributes to the energy transition taking place in the Netherlands.

Our Contribution to Clean Energy

Our Contribution to Clean Energy

Prologis Northern Europe has contributed to Prologis’ global sustainability goal with 50 megawatts of solar energy generated from the roofs of logistics facilities in Benelux—and this is just the

Sustainable Customer Relations

Sustainable Customer Relations

With our customers’ satisfaction in mind, we put innovation and sustainable development at the forefront of all that we do. In cooperation with Sunrock, we’re installing 9,000 solar panels on the roof

Prologis partnership with Sunrock solar panels

Prologis and Sunrock Invest in Sustainable Energy

As the global market leader in industrial real estate, our logistics real estate facilities are designed to ensure our customers and communities thrive and prosper—today and tomorrow.

Coolblue - Large-Tilburg DC4 Phase III

Solar Panels for Coolblue

The e-commerce company Coolblue shares its experience from working with Prologis and Sunrock and describes the installation process.


The Prologis Method

Ask about the “Prologis method” within the organization, and you’ll soon hear the term “collaboration.” One example of such teamwork is a special project in the Netherlands’ Oosterhout district


Our vision on sustainability

As a world leader in logistics real estate, we strive to be an exemplary corporate citizen, to minimize our environmental impacts and to maximize beneficial outcomes for our stakeholders. Our


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