Treat others as you would like to be treated

Danielle van der Lem

Danielle van der Lem

Marketing and Communications Manager Northern Europe

“It’s been my life credo to treat others as you would like to be treated yourself. You always get what you give back”, says Danielle van der Lem, Marketing and Communications Manager for the Northern European Region. Fully convinced that this principle has gotten her a long way, she recommends anyone to apply it, both on a personal level, but also professionally. “In our marketing and communications department, we always make sure to put our customers’ journey at the center of everything that we do. What do they need, how can we help them and how would I like to be approached if I were the customer? Whether it’s marketing materials, digital outings, proposals, or events that we organize, we focus on the support we can provide our customers with and how they can benefit, instead of focusing purely on what we have to offer.”

Van der Lem is responsible for all marketing and communications activities in the Northern European region. She started working for Prologis in 2007 and held several positions within the organization. Starting as an Executive Assistant for Global Investment Management, stepping up as Marketing Coordinator for Europe, she now leads the marketing and communications team for the region. “This perfectly showcases the opportunities that are given to grow within Prologis”, says Van der Lem. The international environment and the opportunity to work with great and smart people were the key factors that motivated Van der Lem to join Prologis. “Working at Prologis means that there is never a dull moment. It’s been an exciting journey of growth for me, and throughout the years I have learned a lot from different leaders. Looking back, I was given the trust to grow, learn and develop, which is a rich experience I cherish.”

Outside of work Van der Lem loves spending time with her two daughters and husband. “We love to ski and travel, and I take great pleasure in socializing and going on city trips with my friends. Driving my girls around for all those social and sports activities is also one of my guilty pleasures.”


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