“Always stay curious”

Cynthia Keyzer-Tan standing in an office

Cynthia Keyzer-Tan

Executive Assistant

In her job as Executive Assistant Cynthia Keyzer-Tan works for Sander Breugelmans, whom she has been supporting for more than four years in his role as Head of the Northern European Region. As Sander has been appointed as Head of Capital Deployment since January 1st, 2023, Keyzer-Tan’s job has changed accordingly. In addition to supporting Sander, she will now also support Jessica Pilkes in her new role as Country Manager for the Benelux region, which she started with on the 1st of January 2023.

Her job is a challenging one. “My work involves complicated calendar management and all that’s involved within and around the business as well as being the go-to person for the team members in various departments, and for our global company”, explains Keyzer-Tan. “We all work really hard, but at the same time Prologis gives back so much”, elaborates Keyzer-Tan. “The flexibility that Prologis offers is great, lots of development opportunities are available and with the teams still growing it’s wonderful to meet such nice and passionate people”, she continues.

According to Keyzer-Tan, passion is the key characteristic of people working for Prologis. “It’s what surprised me most during my job interviews when I applied for a job: the drive of the people working for Prologis. Along with my interest in the industry, that drive, and passion motivated me to join Prologis, called AMB Europe at that time.” About customer centricity, one of the core values at Prologis, Keyzer-Tan says: “My global colleagues are my customers and I value them as such.”

As part of her job Keyzer-Tan helps (co)organizing in- and external events. In addition, she is a mentor, coach, and sparring partner within the European company. Seen by many as their ‘unofficial mentor’ Keyzer-Tan’s calm and considered approach has earned her a solid reputation as a valuable and professional member of the team. Her motto: always stay curious.


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