Prologis Park Waalwijk DC4 is a modern, well-equipped logistics hub located in the Brabant area. Three units with a total of approximately 46,725 m²​​​​​​ are available: Unit A with approximately 20,937 m², Unit B with approximately 11,745 m² and Unit C with approximately 14,043 m²​​​​​​​.

The facility boasts outstanding infrastructure and transport connections. Close proximity of the A59 motorway ensures a fast connection with the hinterland, providing easy access to the significant logistics centers of Rotterdam and Antwerp.

The nearby regional transshipment Centrum Waalwijk B.V. (ROC Waalwijk) also offers inland shipping, and a new barge terminal adjacent to Prologis Park Waalwijk is under construction.

These infrastructure and transportation options create the ideal location for modern, multimodal logistics services to support the unprecedented growth of the region. Prologis Park Waalwijk is a modern, high-quality distribution center that strengthens our position in this important market, giving us the ability to build long-lasting relationships with prospective clients and existing customers.


Hall plan

Hall Plan Prologis Park Waalwijk DC4
  Unit A Unit B Unit  C Total
Hall 18,387 m²​​​​​​​ 10,215 m²​​​​​​​ 12.258 m²​​​​​​​ 40,860 m²​​​​​​​
Office 510 m²​​​​​​​ 510 m²​​​​​​​ 510 m²​​​​​​​ 1,530 m²​​​​​​​
Mezzanine (optional) 2,040 m²​​​​​​​ 1,020 m²​​​​​​​ 1,275 m²​​​​​​​ 4,335 m²​​​​​​​
Total 20,937 m²​​​​​​​ 11,745 m²​​​​​​​ 14,043 m²​​​​​​​ 46,725 m²​​​​​​​
  Available Available Available  




  • Clear height: 12.2 meters
  • Column grid: 22.7 x 11.85 meters
  • Fire alarm system and ESFR K25 roof net sprinkler
  • Maximum floor load capacity: 5,000 kilograms per square meter
  • Loading docks (with dock levelers): 49
  • Hall entrances: 1 per unit
  • Heating: Warehouse heating system designed for 13 ºC (at outside temperature of -10 ºC) and energy-saving high-performance gas-fired radiation panels (“donkerstralers”)
  • Lighting: LED
    Warehouse: 200 lux
    Picking zone: 300 lux
  • BREEAM accredited: yes
  • Column-free mezzanine
  • WELL shell and core certification


  • Open plan office with flexible layout
  • Kitchenette, reception, social area: yes
  • Lighting LED
  • Office rooms: 500 lux



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