Business park Stichtsekant is located on the east side of Almere and offers strategic located space for e-commerce, (contract) logistics and wholesale companies. The Park is located along the A27 motorway with all mayor Dutch cities within a one hour drive. Located in the center of the Netherlands, close to the province of Utrecht and in the immediate vicinity of Amsterdam and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Almere serves on the one hand as an additional logistics area for the Schiphol-Amsterdam region and on the other hand as an expansion area for the province of Utrecht. As a result, a large number of national and international organizations are active in this area.

Various organizations with distribution centers have established themselves in the region, including: PostNL, DHL, Bakker Groep, GXO, Ahold, Lidl, Royal A-ware, Antalis and Geodis. A large number of specialized storage companies are located in the region, because this location is ideally located for both national and international distribution with a focus on healthcare, e-commerce, retail & food and automotive.

Download Prologis Park Almere DC3.

Hall Plan

AlmereDC3 hallplan


  Unit 1 Total
Warehouse 20,000 m² 20,000 m²
Mezzinne 2,208 m²​​​​​​​ 2,208 m²​​​​​​​
Office 835 m²​​​​​​​ 835 m²​​​​​​​
Balcony 250 m²​​​​​​​ 250 m²​​​​​​​
Total 23,293 m²​​​​​​​ 23,293 m²​​​​​​​
Parking 190 pcs 190 pcs




  • Clear Height: 12.2 m
  • Floor load: 50 kN/m²​​​​​​​, point loads of 2x90 kN
  • Reinforced concrete jointless slab floor (flatness according to DIN 18202 table 3 line 4)
  • Framed steel construction on piled foundation
  • Column grid 12 x 23 m
  • 28 electrically operated loading docks (3.0 x 3.0 m)
  • Dock doors incl. shelter, buffers and electrically operated leveler (2.0 x 2.75 m, 60 KN)
  • 2 electrically operated drive-in door (4000 x 4200 mm)
  • High performance HR- heaters, 13°C (at outside -10°C)
  • Low flow ventilation system
  • EFSR K25-ceiling-sprinkler system (according to NFPA/ FM-Global)
  • LED lights incl. motion detection 200/300 lux
  • Wall insulation: ≥ Rc 4.5
  • Roof insulation: ≥ Rc 6.0
  • Window strip over the entire front façade, HR++
  • Target ‘Breeam excellent’ certification (minimal ‘Breeam very good’)
  • Ready to use (incl. fork-lift charging, sanitary rooms, heating and adjustable lighting)
  • Roof prepared for Solar panels (15 kg/m²​​​​​​​)
  • Fork-Lift charging stations in modular power rail existing of 12x400V/16A and 12x400V/32A 5-pole
  • Transformer: 630 kVA
  • Warehouse heating system design temperature minimum 13 ºC (at outside temperature of -10 ºC) Energy saving high performance infrared gas-fired radiation panels
  • LED linear lights with innovative control, with lifetime lumen management via constant lumen output (CLO), dynamic DIM and motion sensor
  • K25-ceiling-sprinkler according to NFPA/FM-Global.Building certificate according to BREEAM, standard classification ‘Very Good’


  • Mezzanine above docking area: depth approx. 12 m
  • Floor load: 5 kN/m²​​​​​​​
  • Heat Pump VRF-cooling system (22ºC outside 28ºC)
  • Balanced supply and exhaust air handling system, incl. energy recovery
  • The fresh air is pre-heated/pre-cooled
  • HR-boiler as back-up
  • Insulation: ≥ Rc 4.5/6.0
  • LED incl. motion detection 500 lux
  • Balanced supply and exhaust air handling system
  • Window strip over the entire front façade, HR++
  • Ready to use (incl. carpet tiles, suspended ceiling, sanitary rooms and kitchenette)

Building Service 

  • 35 m deep shared truck court
  • Car parking: 190 (more possible)
  • 2.4 m high steel bar fence
  • 3 electrically operated sliding gates
  • Pipe sleeves for tenant installations (cctv / security /access control) 
  • Landscaping: ecological greenery and native plants to promote biodiversity, including bird houses and insect hotel.
  • Internal bicycle shed
  • Charging points for electric bicycles and vehicles





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