Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions (Toshiba) has signed a long-term lease agreement with Prologis for 7,000 square meters at Prologis Park Almere, Netherlands. The strategic move will enhance Toshiba’s operational efficiency and provide superior service to the company’s valued customers and partners across Europe. 

Retail Operations Center, Europe, Toshiba

Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions Retail Operations Center, Europe  

Strategically located at Prologis Park, Almere
The facility features cutting-edge technology and a robust inventory management system, allowing Toshiba to optimize storage, track inventory in real time, and custom-configure solutions to meet unique requirements for retail customers and partners across Europe. Toshiba is also committed to environmental sustainability, hence the decision to consolidate 14 other centres in Europe into this single facility significantly contributes to the achievement of their sustainability goals. By centralizing the operations, Toshiba will be is able to reduce its carbon footprint through optimized logistics and energy usage in Toshiba’s supply chain. The facility is also fully equipped with LED lighting and is fitted out with both new and reused storage racking provided by Prologis’ Essentials team.

“The opening of the new Retail Operations Center represents a significant milestone in our commitment to delivering exceptional service to our valued customers across Europe,” said Linda Scott, Executive Director of European Operations at Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions in Europe. “The Operation Center's strategic location near to Amsterdam enables access to the Netherlands' excellent infrastructure and logistical advantages, providing proximity to major transportation routes and easy access to international shipping services.  This makes it the perfect location to centralize European retail operations, enhance our operational efficiency, and to provide more and higher quality services to our customers and partners.”

Marijn van den Heuvel, Capital Deployment & Leasing Director, added “Since Toshiba is looking to grow their retail solutions business, Prologis Park Almere DC4 is the perfect match. It’s ideally located for both national and international distribution, so we’re excited to welcome them as a new customer in the Netherlands and are looking forward to our partnership.”

Prologis was advised by 1530 Real Estate and Cushman & Wakefield in this transaction. 

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