Stapleton Business Center North, Denver, Colorado

Welcome to the next generation of high throughput distribution

With affluent urban consumers shopping online more than ever before, e-commerce providers are looking for warehouses and distribution spaces in cities. They need locations suitable for fast, efficient delivery to consumer's homes. That’s where  Last Touch® comes in.



Prologis Port Reading, Carteret, New Jersey

This is not your father’s warehouse

Last Touch® distribution hubs are located close to population centers. In many cases, they use advanced automation and stock a wide range of high demand items. Often, Last Touch®  facilities have smaller footprints than traditional warehouses and serve a slightly different function than their suburban or rural analogues. Last Touch® warehouses enable the efficient handling of a high volume of shipments, while also processing returns.

Prologis has Last Touch® facilities in major cities across the world to facilitate efficient delivery of goods to major population centers. As this model proves successful, Prologis is putting more capital investment into acquiring, developing and leasing properties that can provide Last Touch® commercial storage and warehousing services.


Prologis Seattle Georgetown

Sometimes, the only place to go is up

Because land in cities is often scarce, existing structures are sometimes reconfigured to serve as  Last Touch® distribution centers. Prologis developed a multistory facility in Seattle, the first in the U.S. This is a more common practice in Asia, especially in Japan, where land for industrial real estate has long been scarce.

To learn more about what is driving demand for the leasing and development of  Last Touch® industrial properties, see our research report “U.S. Logistics Real Estate: Demand Rooted in Everyday Needs.”