At the beginning of last year, the last plot of Prologis Fokker Logistics Park was put into use. Hence, the business park was fully occupied. This offered a great opportunity to explain and illustrate the rich history of the site of the logistics business park in a new documentary. 

Go back in time and view the rich history and development of the Prologis Fokker Logistics Park in this documentary.

Fokker Logistics park is a well-secured logistics business park. One of the few private business parks in Europe with a direct airport connection. The site has a particularly rich history: where now various logistics companies are located due to its strategic location, at the beginning of the last century the famous Fokker aircrafts were manufactured. Marijn van den Heuvel, Director Capital Deployment & Leasing bij Prologis: “This business park has such an interesting history and so many compelling stories, we wanted to capture this in a documentary including the people who were actually part of it, and share it with the world.”

Fokker airplanes flying in the sky
Fokker aircrafts, early 20th century

A bird’s eye view of history
The documentary shows a bird’s eye view of the site’s history: from the reclamation of the Haarlemmermeer, the early days of Schiphol, the success and bankruptcy of Fokker, to the development of Fokker Logistics Park. Pieter van der Neut and Fred van der Valk, both current park managers and former Fokker employees, provide a glimpse into the past. Van der Neut: “The Fokker site was a village in itself, with a company store, a general practitioner, a dentist and even more facilities.” After the bankruptcy in 1966, the former hangars were rented to all sorts of companies. Van der Valk: “When the hangars were empty, they were rented out to parties that had a special purpose with them. The sky was the limit. Some examples of what happened here: fashion shows by Hans Ubbink, Fashion Week, and Holiday on Ice.”

Development Prologis Fokker Logistics Park
In the early 2000s, the site was recognized for its prime location for logistics purposes, and soon redevelopment began, resulting in the current Fokker Logistics Park. Henk Folmer, former Prologis employee: “Step by step, in a process lasting several years, we have redeveloped the industrial site and transformed it into a high-quality logistics park.” Today, approximately 2,500 people work at Prologis Fokker Logistics Park at 45 different companies.

Aerieal view of Fokker terrain
Fokker site, 1998                                                 
Fokker logistics park aerial view
Fokker Logistics Park, 2024


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