Prologis Essentials - LED lighting

Replace. Reduce. Relax.

Making upgrading easy.

Prologis Essentials - LED lighting


Today, more and more of our customers operate longer hours making warehouse safety and wellbeing an important consideration.

Better lighting increases productivity, however energy consumption and associated maintenance can carry steep operational costs.


As a Prologis customer, upgrading to ‘smart’ LED warehouse lighting, with movement and daylight controls is easy and cost effective.

We manage the project from start to finish for just €1 per square metre per annum, for a maximum of 5 years or until the end of your lease agreement.

LED Lighting - replace

We’ll replace all of your high-level warehouse lighting with ‘smart’ LED lighting, including movement and daylight controls.

LED Lighting - reduce

LED lighting is 3 times more efficient than fluorescent lighting and reduces energy costs by 60-80% on average.

LED Lighting - relax

Our experienced team will take care of everything, minimising any disruption to your operation with NO UPFRONT COSTS.

Prologis Essentials Marketplace Team

Your Prologis Essentials Marketplace team is here for you every step of the way.

Thijs Fleers

Thijs Fleers

Essentials Solutions Manager

Phone: +31 6 15 65 34 87
Email[email protected]


Sander Breugelmans

Sander Breugelmans

SVP, Country Manager

Phone: +31 20 797 1931
Email: [email protected]

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