What happens when you actively invest in new ideas, provide room for experimentation and motivate your employees to think differently?

In this episode of Industry Movers, Robbert Heekelaar (VP IT, Architecture & Emerging Technologies), Roderik Thush (VP Customer Experience) and Sander Griffioen (Project Manager, Benelux) talk shop about purpose driven innovation and the great shift from responsiveness to readiness. At the heart of this sits customer centricity and a true mindset to deliver ahead of what’s next in all areas.

This podcast looks end to end along the ideation cycle at how engagement and a constructive space to cultivate ideas leads to a continuous flow of development; how creating the environment to be able to fail fast and move on allows for more creative thinking, higher standards and more targeted solutions to evolving customer needs.

Key to any successful innovations strategy though are the people who make growth possible. Globally, our Prologis Labs and network of Innovations Groups pave the way for solutions development and adoption, however it’s our local colleagues who connect the dots.

“It’s all about customer experience. We listen to our customers and make sure that we know what’s out there to provide ahead of what’s next solutions. We innovate to make the lives of our customers easier. We build for the long-term, so it’s important that when a customer moves in the building meets and exceeds their needs, not only for year one but also year ten,” – said Robbert Heekelaar.

Listen to the new edition of Industry Movers and find out more about what innovation is coming out of the ground in Europe:


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